About Us


Over the past year, as our company has been redefining itself as a brand, we’ve been on a quest to move beyond what we are to realize what we may become. While William Shakespeare’s quote from Hamlet addressed a 16th-century audience, it is equally powerful and resonant in the 21st century for those not content with the status quo.

And we are anything but content.

Inherent in Shakespeare’s quote is the unrealized promise and potential of what all of us have yet to accomplish. It’s the eternal human quest that makes life challenging and rewarding, in equal measure. For Lava Heat Italia, this quest to move forward doesn’t negate who we are, but respects and builds upon the 15-year foundation we’ve established. This quest makes us reach deeper, jump higher and lead by example. And at this point on our growth continuum, we’re in the most creative period of our existence.

The “change agents” for us have been a fearlessness to confront the future, an aversion to naysayers and a belief in the power of our convictions. Quality, authenticity and a respect for history, including our own, have always anchored our brand. That history includes our Lava Heat 2G, a longstanding LHI product that remains the flagship of our quest to inspire. It also includes The LHI Shade Heater series, a line of heating lamps that quite frankly tears down the conventions of indoor/outdoor heating all while delivering the latest in infrared heating technology. As we contemplate who and what we are, it is worth remembering that growth comes only with risk, and that our power lies in realizing what we may become. Whether it be a 16th- or 21st-century audience, every day is a command performance.