Lava Heat Lorenzo 4.75 feet Outdoor Lighthouse Fireplace Heater: 9Kw, Natural Gas

70.00 LBS
17.00 (in)
57.00 (in)
17.00 (in)

Elevate your outdoor gatherings with the Lorenzo Outdoor Natural Gas Heater. This decorative fuel-effect gas appliance, known as The Lighthouse fireplace, is engineered for optimal performance in outdoor or well-ventilated spaces.

Standing at 1450mm (57 inches) height and 430mm width (17 inches), this heater boasts a powerful 9Kw capacity, providing ample warmth for your outdoor activities. The convenience of Natural Gas  ensures efficient heating, while the built-in wheels make it effortlessly portable.

Safety is paramount with tempered glass shields, and the included regulator simplifies usage. As an added bonus, the Lorenzo Outdoor Heater comes with a 3kg burning stone, completing the package for a cozy and enjoyable outdoor experience. Transform your outdoor space into a haven of warmth and style with Lorenzo, and make every gathering memorable.

Power: 9Kw

Certification: ETL Certified

Height: 57 inches

Width: 17 inches

Power Source: Natural Gas

Warranty: 2 Year Warranty

Package Includes: A Complete Lighthouse Fireplace, 4 Tempered Glass Screens, a Bag of Decorative Stones, Four Twin Wheels, a AAA Battery, a 2-Meter Flexible Hose (ø9MM) Already Installed, a Pressure Regulator (37MBAR) Also Installed, a Euro Set, Installation Manual and User's Manual.