How To Find The Best Outdoor Patio Heater?

Dec 7th 2021

How To Find The Best Outdoor Patio Heater?

Everyone loves to spend time outdoors with their friends and family. But in the winter season, it becomes hard to spend time outdoors with guests. However, If you have an outdoor patio heater that will keep you and your friends and family warm and toasty on cold evenings. These outdoor patio heaters are suitable for any kind of residential or commercial use.

Here is some important information you need to know before buying heaters.

Electric Heater VS Natural Gas Heater

Why we have focused more on natural gas heaters rather than electric heaters. Here you’ll get your answer clearly.

Electric Heater

Nowadays, electric heaters are a very popular choice for outdoor spaces that lack proper ventilation. They don’t release carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide while in use as the natural gas patio heater. These electric heaters come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors. And these heaters are suitable for any kind of outdoor use and very simple to use it.

Electric heaters are slower at heating compared to natural gas heaters or propane heaters. These electric heaters are very cheap, half of the gas heater’s price. But they need electricity, If you bring it to a place where electricity is absent you cannot use it there.


  • Cheapest heater in the market
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t release air pollutants that are harmful


  • Not energy-efficient or cost-effective
  • Lacks a natural flame effect
  • Not produce much heat like gas heaters
  • These heaters need an electrical outlet

Natural Gas Heaters

Natural gas heaters are considered to be the best outdoor patio heaters. These heaters produce a lot of heat in a well-ventilated outdoor space. The natural gas heaters are quite easy to operate and they provide a cozy feel, their flame effect is amazing. As these natural heaters do not require electricity, you can take them and use them almost anywhere you want to.

Natural gas heaters produce great heat output compared to electric heaters. These heaters are also available in various styles and designs with unique colors which made them perfect outdoor patio heaters. These natural gas heaters are the most cost-effective heaters.


  • Affordable heaters
  • Gas is supplied from your home, there is no need for electrical outlets
  • Greater heat output than electric heaters


  • The well-ventilated area is essential for safety reasons
  • Requires professional installation
  • May require a new gas line installed

Propane Heaters

Propane heaters are very easy to use, It takes only a minute to install and are designed to provide direct heat in residential settings. These propane heaters are portable and you can take them anywhere to use them. This type of heater releases high levels of British Thermal Units (BTU).

These heaters are similar to natural gas heaters, you should only use the unit in well-ventilated areas for safety purposes. For propane heaters, you’ll need a propane tank to fuel these heaters. For example, every 10/12 hours of use requires 20lb of gas for a 50,000 BTU heater.


  • Portable heaters, you can take the heater anywhere
  • cost-effective to run
  • It doesn’t require electricity or a gas line


  • These heaters can sometimes be tricky to operate
  • It requires replacing a propane tank