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LHI-126 - Heritage Bronze - Natural Gas

74.80 LBS
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    The Lava Heat Italia Triangular 8 ft. Commercial Flame Patio Heater with Remote Natural Gas (NG) upgrade. The commercial grade outdoor heater that revolutionized the industry! Originally designed and engineered in Italy by Mr. JR Zioni, the Lava Heat Italia Triangular 8 ft. Commercial Flame Patio Heater with Remote is an impressive 8 ft. tall, top-of-the-line patio heater that combines elegant design with outstanding functionality and superior quality. Unlike a traditional seasonal patio heater this Lava Heat Italia model can be enjoyed all year long in the comfort of your outdoor environment. The fully adjustable, 4-foot flame is encased in a weather proof Borosilicate glass tube, safe to use in rain, sleet or snow, and generates an impressive 66,000 BTUs of heat. The glass also provides 360-degrees of heat distribution in a 36 square foot area and Lava Heat Italia’s proprietary “Column of Flame”© can be viewed from any angle.

    The Lava Heat Italia Triangular 8 ft. Commercial Flame Patio Heater with Remote “Easy-Start”, automatic infrared electronic ignition starts with just the touch of a button on the front of the heater or with its infrared remote, which will also control multiple units at the same time. The solid, 3-sided frame is constructed of “304 Grade” stainless steel, and its tripod design adds balance on uneven surfaces. Single-piece protective “304 Grade” stainless steel grills stay cool and safe to the touch, keeping a safe distance between you and the flame.

    he Lava Heat Italia Triangular 8 ft. Commercial Flame Patio Heater with Remote comes fully assembled and requires two D batteries. And, of course, this CSA Certified heater has Lava Heat Italia’s signature Tilt Switch Auto-Shutoff for total safety. Commercial grade materials mean you get Lava Heat’s 10-year limited warranty. The patented easy-snap magnetic door lower storage compartment makes it easy to access the units burner assembly. The Lava Heat Triangular 8 ft. Commercial Flame Patio Heater with Remote ships as a Natural Gas (NG) upgrade, which includes a free 10-foot quick connect gas line ($100 Value). For all technical questions or service related issues contact the manufacturer directly at (888) 779-LAVA or email

    Power Source: Natural Gas (NG) Upgrade

    Power Rating: 66,000 BTU

    Coverage Area: Approximately 36 sq. ft.

    Consumption Rate: Continuous use with Natural Gas connection

    Available Accessories: Wheel Kit ($75 Value); 10 ft. Quick Connect gas line ($100 Value); Weather Resistant Cover ($100 Value)

    Package Includes: Fully Assembled Heater, Packing materials, Owner’s manual;

    Construction: Solid Steel, Aluminum, & “304” Grade Stainless Steel

    Safety Features: Tilt Switch Auto-Shutoff

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    1. Not very satisfied

      We purchased the 6 ft Lava Heater Natural Gas Version from Amazon. We put it all together and were very underwhelmed by the heat it put out on our patio. I contacted the 800 number in the book to find out if this was typical since they say it will heat up to 3 ft. "more like 3 inches. It was very attractive but that was it. The customer service person I spoke with, who is no longer with the company talked me into the #126 heater due to it was more of a commercial grade. I fell for his pitch and spent $400.00 more dollars. I made the order on 9-30-16, he told me I would receive it by the following Friday 10-7-16. On Thursday the 6th I contacted him letting him know I had never received any shipping information. He called me right away to let me know because of it's size they were having a hard time finding someone to deliver it but that it would go out the following Monday the 10th. On the evening of the 10th I emailed him again wanting to cancel my order due to lack of promise not being kept. I cc'd a supervisor also. On Tuesday the 11th at 2:30 in the afternoon I received an email from the company telling me it had been shipped. I called immediately telling them that I had sent the email cancelling my order to both the employee and his supervisor. Turns out the employee was no longer with the company and the supervisor was out for those days so my email supposedly was never read. The new person I started dealing with was very nice and apologized for the inconvenience and offered me a mini Lava heater and covers for both heaters at no charge and she would get that sent out immediately. Well no surprise I never heard another word about that until a week later, that it was on it's way. Now back to my review of the heater that finally did arrive at 5:30 pm on Monday the 17th, almost 3 weeks after I ordered it. It was completely put together except for the wheels and the top reflector as promised. Unfortunately when we got it all hooked up to the natural gas line it worked once and I couldn't get it on again until I figured out I needed to turn the gas on, let it set for about 30 seconds then start it up. I kept getting an error message. When I emailed my new rep she kept telling me it was a problem with the gas not getting to the heater, I got very frustrated. All she needed to do is be able to tell me to run the gas for 30 seconds then turn it on. It's now running fine. Unfortunately it again puts out very little heat unless you are standing next to it or directly underneath it. It looks nice but that's absolutely all it's good for. I have 2 other $150.00 propane heaters that I will continue to use since they put out 10 times the heat. If we would have read the reviews on these heaters prior to purchasing we would have never purchased this heater at $1200.00. Oh and BTW dissatisfied customers can't return the product without paying their own shipping to return it and they won't give you your money back. So NO money back guarantee and NO returns. At least that's what I've been told. Maybe I'll get something back if I decide to sell it on Craigslist or Ebay. I will be honest with the person I sell it to that it would work best in a completely enclosed patio not an open area. This heater is for looks only. I sent the smaller version back to Amazon and they had my money back in my account before I got my new heater plus they paid the shipping. I will never make another purchase with this company. The only reason I gave it 2 stars was because when it finally came it was all assembled as promised except for 2 small additions and because the company did offer to help with my frustration with it taking so long to get to me that they threw in some extras plus it looks nice on my patio. on Oct 19th 2016

  • Warranty Information

    5 year Limited Manufacturer

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