LAI - Aviator X2 Wall Mount - Pearl White - Electric

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The Lava Aire Italia Portable Indoor/Outdoor Aviator X2 Wall Mount Evaporative Cooling and Misting Fan©. Like winds sliding downward from the snow-capped peak of Mount Etna over Catania, the Aviator X2 Wall Mount © will send cooling breezes throughout your back yard area. Inspired by modern day turbo jet engines, JR ZioniÍs Italian design team jumped into the future with this beautiful, high tech evaporative cooling and misting fan. The unit does double duty with the power of wind and water. The Aviator X2 Wall Mount Evaporative Cooling and Misting Fan© has a compact 15-inch diameter blade that provides serious wind power (1,700-RPM), while the centrifugal misting system further cools the air, dispersing fine mist particles (10-25 microns) throughout the coverage area. People worldwide are enjoying this revolutionary cooling product on decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, pool and spa areas, and virtually anywhere that needs a temperature drop.

The Aviator X2 Wall Mount Evaporative Cooling and Misting FanÍs© integrated water line connection allows for continuous operation and it also includes a built in water float control mechanism to prevent overflow or water spillage. Further increasing this unitÍs versatility is its 90-degree oscillating fan head with coverage up to 800 sq. ft., reducing temperatures by as much as 30 degrees. The entire unit is made of industrial strength, high-density polycarbonate and high quality aluminum alloys. The Aviator X2 Wall Mount Evaporative Cooling and Misting FanÍs© anti-corrosive materials and UV protection will withstand sustained use without compromising performance. The Aviator X2 Wall Mount is extremely energy efficient, using a mere 320-Watts, and producing a powerful 1,700-RPM on a 120 Volt/60Hz electric circuit.

  • Power Source: Electric Power - 320Watts
  • Coverage Area: up to 800 sq. ft. area
  • Water Tank Consumption Rate: Continuous use with required water line connection
  • Package Includes: Water Line Adapter, Packing Materials, and Owners Manual
  • Remote: No
  • Batteries: N/A
  • Assembly: Partially Assembled
  • Construction: Industrial strength high-density polycarbonate & aluminum alloy
  • Safety Features: Protective Plastic Grill
5 year Limited Manufacturer