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    You can place an order to have our company service your patio heater's burner. Simply add this item to your cart and add your desired returned shipping destination on your order. Next step after placing your order is to ship us your burner to 5999 Malburg Way, Vernon CA 90058 Attn: Customer Service - Burner Repair. Be sure to add a copy of your order details within the packaging so our representatives could process your burner repair accordingly. You are also welcome to verify your purchase by sending a quick email to CS@LavaHeat.com 

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    1. Burner replacement

      New burner works just like it's suppose to, but getting it was a real pain taking almost 2 months. Warranty isn't much good if getting parts takes this long. on Sep 2nd 2017

    2. Not happy.

      I still haven't received the burner yet. It's only been about 3 weeks so far. And I sent in a check to cover the shipping. on Jul 24th 2017

    3. Expensive holiday gift

      I received the lava lamp as a gift from my family. Put it together (slightly dent) but it would not work. Called your company finally someone answered the phone (two days). Told to send the burner element back for repaid (mind you I never used it once a gift). told I was to pay for shipping (assumed incorrectly paying for sending it to you). Thus took it to ups paid $67.00 for shipping another $50. for insuring it. Arrived In Calif. a few days lated received an e-mail part ready to be shipped back to me. But because I failed to mail you a check for the return postage it stayed in Calif. I immediately sent you a check, you deposited check. However your company claimed I still owed. Again tried several times to call no answer. Finally one late afternoon someone picked up the phone. Told be to contact someone in finance so off went an email to the person. After 3 or 4 days, my outstanding balance was no more ( I guess you found the deposit you had no record of. ) Finally your burner arrived at my home, assembled it and guess what. It worked. Not sure I can actually recommend it to someone else. It turned out to be an expensive gift not only for my family buying it, but my $200. spent having to ship it back to you and my paying you for shipping it back to me ( not to mention the $50.000 I insured to get it to you. Sorry but true. Joseph Carcusa on Jun 26th 2017

    4. terrible, terrible service, never buy from these guys again

      This heater crapped out twice, both times the switch ($0.30 item) quit working. Hamazon offered to repair it, but shipping both ways was on me. $110 total, x 2 = $220 for shipping alone.

      PLUS, they only accept checks for the return. I enclosed a check. It's been over a month, nothing returned.
      on Jan 19th 2017

    5. Broken from the start

      We purchased 4 heaters from Lowes. After assembling them 3 worked and the 4th would only produce a 5 inch flame. We contacted the Lava Heat directly as specified in the directions. We had to pay for shipping both ways for parts that never worked correctly to begin with. Bad Customer service. Stand behind your product! Don't make the consumer pay extra for parts that didn't work in the box! The other 3 work fine no issues. They look nice but don't produce much heat. I wouldn't recommend these to anybody. Lots of money for lots of aggravation! Only deal with customer service via email. They will not return a phone call unless you want to make a purchase! on Dec 22nd 2016

    6. Works

      I had to send in just the burner to get a replacement under warranty. My issue is that I had to pay for shipping both ways! WHY if its covered under warranty should I have to pay to send back the broken burner and pay to send a replacement. $40 in shipping costs to replace on a $250 item is crazy. This is poor customer service. I doubt I will recommend Lava Heat products to friends or family.

      On a positive note, Kendra Cody from customer service was responsive and helpful!
      on Nov 29th 2016

    7. I sent in 5 burners for repair in September and still don't have one of them!

      This company is dysfunctional! Can't directly email an individual. Service is horrendous if you get it at all. Products are very low in quality. on Nov 8th 2016

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